Why I paint faces…

No real estate agent ever looks like their photo. Their photos represent a younger, slimmer version or enhancements. The same goes for social media. 300 canvases or so later, the project has taken on new meaning. I’ve so much enjoyed painting the character canvases that it has taken on a mind of its own.

We are now adding visuals at the University of New Mexico Children’s Cancer center. The staff at the hospital takes a selfie of the children, which is printed in black and white. It is then traced to a “primed” canvas. Each child will then paint on their own selfie. On the back of the unprimed canvas are the words, “I Am.” This is where they write who they are. Ultimately the faces become prayer flags.

Facebook and selfies come into play here also. Doing quickish caricatures is my personal retaliation to this paradigm shift.